The East Coast Main Line 1939-1959 (Volume 1)

Author(s): B. W. L. Brooksbank and Peter Tuffrey 

ISBN: 9781781555514
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The period of 1939-1949 was crucial in the history of the East Coast mainline stretching from London King’s Cross to Edinburgh Waverely. This book takes a snapshot of the line in the 1930s then pays attention to the impact of the Second World War and the creation of British Railways following nationalisation in 1948.
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  • The first detailed study of this huge mainline through its operational history

  • Features extended commentaries from the authors, rich in detail

  • Superbly illustrated with black and white photographs, many never seen before

The East Coast Mainline 1939-1959 takes an in-depth look at the mainline – King’s Cross to Edinburgh – between 1939-1959. This is carried out in a series of chapters. In the first chapter, a picture is painted of the state of the network in the late 1930s. It is followed by an account of the historical context of the changes on the ECML over the subject years. This includes wartime 1939-1945 and the fortunes of British Railways in the post-war period until the end of the 1950s; then follows an account of passenger services on the ECML in the summer of 1939 and in the war and changes thereafter. Towards the end of the book, there are smaller chapters of specific interest.

Amongst these are military and other government installations served by the ECML during the Second World War; specific wartime locomotive workings; the impact of war on the ECML at various locations along the line; accidents on the ECML September–December 1959; and snow and floods on the ECML in the 1940s and 1950s. The period covered is a crucial one in the history of the line and it is presented in an erudite yet readable manner.

BOOK ISBN 9781781555514
FORMAT 248 x 172 mm
BINDING Paperback
PAGES 224 pages
ILLUSTRATIONS 88 black-and-white photographs



Peter Tuffrey was born in Doncaster in 1953. He studied Fine Art at Doncaster College of Art and then at Leeds University until 1974.

He was Keeper of Fine and Decorative Arts at Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery 1975-1995; freelance writer 1995-2000, PR Media Consultant for Doncaster Rovers 2000- 2002; and Area Manager for the Music Ground Group of Companies 2003-2010.

He is now working as a freelance writer. He has produced over 80 publications featuring the Doncaster area as well as Nottingham, Sheffield, and the Yorkshire area in general. He has also written many articles for local and regional newspapers and has recently penned a novel Angel from the Gutter

Dr Benjamin Walter Lamplugh Brooksbank (1927-2018) was a pioneering medical researcher at University College London and the Medical Research Centre. He was, however, separate to his distinguished medical career, a railway enthusiast with a deep knowledge of the East Coast Main Line, and his detailed research work forms the foundation of this book.