Patrolling the Cold War Skies: Reheat Sunset

Author(s): Philip Keeble 

ISBN: 9781781555965
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Experience the adventures of being in a pilot’s cockpit as seen from a Cold War perspective.
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  • A RAF pilot’s view of the Cold War, which conveys the excitement, danger and comedy of flying during that momentous historic period. Crafted to satisfy all aviation enthusiasts, novice and professional alike

  • The Cold War is the hot topic of the moment. This book covers 28 years of patrolling the Cold War skies in reconnaissance Canberras and air defence Phantoms and Tornados

  • Flying in the heat of East Africa and the Far East to the cold of Norway and the Falkland Islands, this essential book covers a huge period of relevant global and military aviation history

  • Handsomely illustrated with high-quality images from an acclaimed international aviation photographer and the author’s personal collection

Patrolling the Cold War Skies: Reheat Sunset is of adventure and daredevil hijinks set within the framework of the Cold War and told through the lens of the RAF ‘Pilot’s Flying Log Book’. Philip Keeble’s logbooks cover ten types of aircraft from 1965 when he learned to fly in a Chipmunk trainer – with headings ‘Death Dive’, ‘How to (Nearly) Lose a Student’ and ‘Stratospheric’ – right through to flying the Bulldog, Jet Provost, Folland Gnat, Canberra, Jaguar, Hawk, Hunter, Phantom and Tornado F3 fighter in 1994.

These true tales are told as anecdotal yarns, ones that put flesh on those logbook bare bones in an exciting, amusing and self-deprecating way. Gripping narratives stir up memories of escapades and the events leading up to them. Exciting sorties, dangerous emergencies, stupid moments, funny occurrences and operational practices, but also stories that contain the balance and contrast of operating in the Cold War. The author got into more than a few scrapes. He flew very high, very low and very fast with a foolhardiness that at times was culpable and shocking...

BOOK ISBN 9781781555965
FORMAT 248 x 172 mm
BINDING Hardback
PAGES 288 pages
ILLUSTRATIONS 65 colour photographs



Philip Keeble was born in 1947 in Beaconsfield, England. Educated in Slough and Fareham, he started work as an industrial chemist before leaving to joining the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Constabulary. In 1965, Keeble was accepted for pilot training with the RAF and had a 28-year career in the service, flying reconnaissance and combat aircraft in a wide range of overseas theatres. On leaving the forces, he became a civilian military simulator instructor in the UK and Saudi Arabia. He was ordained as a deacon in Wales in 2013 (retired).