Hermann Goering: The Personal Photograph Albums (bundle)

Author(s): Blaine Taylor 

ISBN: 9781625450463-B
Copies: 198
A superb set featuring four of the Personal Photograph Albums of Hermann Goering published by Fonthill Media.

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The Bundle (so far) Includes only the following volumes:

Hermann Goering in the First World War: The Personal Photograph Albums of Hermann Goering
ISBN: 9781625450463 £25.00

A forensic photographic study of Hermann Goering’s first period of fame — as a First World War fighter ace.
248 x 172 mm | hardback | 224 pages | 348 black-and-white photographs

Hermann Goering - Beer Hall Putsch to Nazi Blood Purge 1919-34: The Personal Photographic Albums of Hermann Goering
ISBN: 9781625450333   £25.00

Volume Two of this remarkable photographic history, tracing Goering’s history using his own photographic archive.
248 x 172 mm | hardback | 272 pages | 320 black-and-white photographs

Hermann Goering: From Secret Luftwaffe to Hossbach War Conference 1935-37
ISBN: 9781625450197 £25.00

Hermann Goering prepares his Luftwaffe and economy for the Second World War via executive action, pre-war diplomacy and covert operations.
248 x 172 mm | hardback | 272 pages | 299 black-and-white photographs

Hermann Goering Blumenkrieg, from Vienna to Prague 1938-39
ISBN: 9781625450364  £25.00

Hermann Goering played a key role with the Luftwaffe in forcing the Allies to allow Nazi bloodless territorial seizures throughout Europe.
248 x 172 mm | hardback | 320 pages | 280 black-and-white photographs



Blaine Taylor is an American author of eleven histories on war, politics, automotives, biography, engineering, architecture, medicine, photography and aviation. This well-read historian is a former Vietnam War soldier and military policeman under enemy fire; political and crime newspaper reporter; award-winning medical journalist; international magazine writer; winner of four political campaigns as a press secretary; and was a US Congressional aide on Capitol Hill, Washington, from 1991 to 1992.