Liverpool Docks: A Short History

Author(s): David Paul  

ISBN: 9781781555187
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The story of the birth, development, strategic importance and future of one of the world’s greatest dock systems.

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  • Lavishly illustrated with many rare and unpublished photographs

  • Compulsive and historical reading

  • Written by a leading authority of the docks

Liverpool Docks: A Short History traces the birth, growth and strategic importance of the port in times of peace and war as well as the kinds of cargoes carried into the docks – including slaves.

This fascinating book provides a complete timeline from the very earliest days right up to today – a time when a new and even larger container dock is being built and the advent of the new cruise liner terminal. This terminal has been at the centre of a political and economic argument between Southampton, Liverpool and the EU.

The book also speculates as to the future of Liverpool docks and also, to a lesser extent, the city itself.

BOOK ISBN 9781781555187
FORMAT 248 x 172 mm
BINDING Paperback
PAGES 208 pages
PUBLICATION DATE 15 September 2016
ILLUSTRATIONS 45 black-and-white and 29 colour photographs




David Paul was born in Liverpool at the end of the Second World War. Being born into a sea-faring family, it was no surprise when he followed the family’s naval tradition. Paul began an apprenticeship as a marine engineer with the Pacific Steam Navigation Company that sailed out of Liverpool. Later, as his career developed, he lectured at a marine college in Liverpool where, many years earlier, he had received his formal education in marine engineering. Since learning of the HMS Thetis disaster from his mother, Paul has continued to research the unanswered questions relating to the doomed submarine.