London Trolleybuses and Red Buses 1959-62: Personal Memories of an Age of Change

Author(s): Geoff Bannister 

ISBN: 9781781558591
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A locomotive enthusiast continues his reminiscences of the early 1960s.

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  • Recollections of growing up in the London environment at the time

  • All photographs taken from the author’s own archive

  • Early memories backed up by views taken in Clapham Museum prior to its opening

  • Additional references to later off-the-peg purchases by London Transport

Geoff Bannister came to London from Burnley in 1949 as a nine-year-old, having developed an interest in transport at a very early age; he remained here, mainly in Wandsworth, until 1994.

In his first two books, he described his trainspotting travels around Britain. In this volume, he considers London Transport’s road fleet with an emphasis on the Central Area during the conversion of trolleybus routes during 1959 to 1962.

He writes about his local trolleybus routes and recollects on seeing trams as a schoolboy in Tooting. Not possessing a camera until 1959, he has drawn on later photographs and preserved vehicles to fill earlier gaps, taking the reader on a tour of the Central Area with an emphasis on trolleybuses.

Bannister also covers other vehicles such as the early days of the iconic Routemasters along with everyday shots of life at that time. Green Country buses do make some appearances, and he makes a brief nod to the off-the-peg vehicles acquired after Routemaster production, which led such chequered lives in the capital.

BOOK ISBN 9781781558591
FORMAT 248 x 172 mm
BINDING Paperback
PAGES 112 pages
PUBLICATION DATE 10 February 2022
ILLUSTRATIONS 186 black-and-white and colour photographs



Geoff Bannister grew up in Burnley, Lancashire, and moved to London at the age of nine. He remained in the area for forty-five years, retiring to Minehead in 1994 after working in a secondary school teaching mathematics and computing for over thirty years. He has been interested in transport from about the age of seven and other interests include dog walking, photography, classical music and computing. Bannister is a committed Christian and has worked with young people in Baptist churches in Wandsworth and Minehead.