Industry and the Coast: Images of the North-East in the 1960s

Author(s): Richard Gaunt 

ISBN: 9781781552568
£11.89 £16.99
Stunning and evocative photographs of the North-East in the 1960s, also including the Teeside, Wearside and Tyneside industrial areas and coast.
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Previously unpublished photographs from the 1960s and 1970s – a time when industries in the north east of England were facing fundamental change as superior technology and foreign competition swept towards them.

This all makes for a book of dramatic images with a poignant edge. There are striking photographs of the people caught up in all of this from young lads looking for something to do as well as old men watching it all go by, people at work on the docks and advertising Roy Orbison’s tour visit.

Yet outside the towns and cities, there was still the countryside and the Durham coast, often affected by the industry and its unwanted by products, but retaining a character all of their own.

This is a gritty depiction of unique areas, from a time when attitudes to disposing of colliery waste, unwanted chemical residues and now largely unrecognisable as a result of the last fifty years of change. Not to be missed by anyone who knows the area or has an interest in Britain’s industrial heritage.

BOOK ISBN 9781781552568
FORMAT 248 x 172 mm
BINDING Paperback
PAGES 160 pages
ILLUSTRATIONS 249 black-and-white photographs



Richard Gaunt was born in Lancashire but grew up in Darlington, attending QEGS Darlington, then Corpus Christi College Cambridge. His career has included posts in the chemicals, steel, construction, local government and consultancy industries – most recently as a director of a policy research consultancy. He started taking an interest in railways at an early age, and is an accomplished photographer with work appearing in The Guardian, Steam Railway and elsewhere.