Lavochkin Fighters of the Second World War

Author(s): Jason Nicholas Moore 

ISBN: 9781781555149
A comprehensive history of the Lavochkin Soviet fighter aircraft of the Second World War.
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  • The first comprehensive reference work on the Lavochkin fighters of the Second World War written by a native English speaker

  • The Lavochkin fighters’ place in military history is explored in great detail

  • Stunningly accurate colour profiles and many photographs

Lavochkin fighters remain little known in the West, although with the Yakovlev fighter series, they were the backbone of the Red Air Force fighter force during the Second World War. Lavochkin Fighters of the Second World War is a comprehensive history of the three main variants of the Lavochkin fighter series during the war: the partially successful LaGG-3 inline-engine fighter; the successful radial-engine La-5 fighter; and the superb radial-engine La-7 fighter, one of the best piston-engine fighter aircraft of the entire war, even surpassing the Spitfire and Bf 109 in terms of agility and performance at low altitudes.

Both the design and history of these fighters are featured, including how the mediocre inline-engine LaGG-3 was turned into a superb fighter by the replacement of the Klimov inline engine by the Shvetsov M-82 radial engine.

Besides describing the wartime designs, a section on the post-war successors to the Second World War fighters – the all metal La-9 and La-11 – that saw extensive service, and accurate colour profiles that detail all variants are included in this stunning book.

BOOK ISBN 9781781555149
FORMAT 248 x 172 mm
BINDING Hardback
PAGES 240 pages
ILLUSTRATIONS 10 maps, 110 black-and-white and 50 colour photographs and profiles




Jason Nicholas Moore is an avid air historian and modeller and has spent forty years conducting historical research and constructing model aeroplanes. Moore is currently finishing a comprehensive guide on modelling the Il-2 Shturmovik and during the course of this project, he has amassed a vast quantity of reference material on the IL-2, including relics of this aeroplane.