Hitler’s Deserters: When Law Merged with Terror

Author(s): Lars G. Petersson 

ISBN: 9781781552698
£13.29 £18.99

A unique and important account of those courageous Germans who refused to fight for Hitler.
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Over 20,000 deserters and war resisters paid the ultimate price at the hands of Hitler’s brutal war judges and bloody executioners. Thousands of others died in prison camps and penal battalions. Even for those who escaped death, life was never the same.

Even today, many of those who refused to serve the Nazis live as pariahs, scorned by a society that professes to hate the regime they had actively opposed.

In contrast, their judges, masters of unbelievably draconian sentences, thrived in post-war Germany and beyond as honoured men in prestigious positions.

Hitler’s Deserters: When Law Merged with Terror is the story of this incredible injustice. It is the disturbing story of what happened to those who refused to fight for the Third Reich, and—even more horrifying—it is the story of an international community that has turned its back on them.

BOOK ISBN 9781781552698
FORMAT 234 x 156 mm
BINDING Hardback
PAGES 176 pages
PUBLICATION DATE 15 December 2013
ILLUSTRATIONS 48 black and white photographs



Lars G. Petersson is a Swedish-born Londoner, former mental health nurse, activist and freelance writer with special interests in human and animal rights, the environment, peace and social justice. He is the author of a large number of articles and six previous books. With an insider’s understanding of the military, Petersson served as a conscripted soldier in the Cold-War Swedish Air Force and as a mental health worker under the Danish Ministry of Defence. Petersson’s interest in German society dates back to the early Seventies when he lived in the German state of Hesse.