Skalski Against all Odds: The First Allied Ace of the Second World War (paperback edition)

Author(s): Franciszek Grabowski 

ISBN: 9781781558522
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The gripping history of a fighter pilot who fought with the RAF and was nearly executed upon his return to Poland.
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  • A unique and detailed insight of a fighter pilot who became the first Allied ace

  • The first time that the subject has been covered in English

  • Superbly illustrated with striking and unpublished photographs

Skalski Against all Odds: The First Allied Ace of the Second World War provides a gripping and detailed account on the career of General Stanislaw Skalski, the leading Polish fighter ace. Skalski gallantly served from the first day of the Second World War and became the first ace of the conflict. He continued to serve through the Battle of Britain, English Channel offensive, Tunisian and Italian campaigns as well as the Normandy landings.

Skalski finished the war on staff positions. Returning to communist Poland, he was duly arrested on charges of spying on behalf of Great Britain and sentenced to death. However, he was not executed and after spending eight years in prison, Skalski continued to serve his country by flying the MiG-15 jet fighter.

He continued his service behind a desk and following retirement, was involved in popularising aviation as well as politics. Skalski’s incredible story is based on official documentation, many published for the first time.

BOOK ISBN 9781781558522
FORMAT 234 x 156 mm
BINDING Paperback
PAGES 208 pages
PUBLICATION DATE 3 February 2022
ILLUSTRATIONS 29 black-and-white photographs


Franciszek Grabowski is a researcher of Polish aviation with a number of articles published. He puts an emphasis on the wartime and post-war activities of Polish airmen, including various covert and intelligence actions. Skalski Against All Odds: The First Allied Ace of the Second World War is his first book for Fonthill Media.