Jowett Cars of the 1930s

Author(s): Noel Stokoe 

ISBN: 9781781555767
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The story of how Jowett Cars survived the depression of the 1930s when other manufacturers failed.
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  • The first book to exclusively cover the history of the 1930s Jowett range of vehicles – the Jowett was Yorkshire’s only mass-produced car built from 1906 and 1954

  • The horizontally-opposed engine in the twin- and four-cylinder form proved a winner for Jowett Cars, a tradition carried on until their demise in 1954

  • Jowett Cars were renowned for their strong, reliable and cheap-to-run cars and commercial vehicles with a strong following in north England

  • Profusely illustrated with high-quality photographs

Jowett brothers William and Ben of Bradford, Yorkshire, built their first car in 1906 and went into production in 1910, building forty-eight cars by 1916. The factory then switched to munitions work during the First World War. Car production resumed in 1920 and sales went from strength to strength.

The Thirties was a difficult period for Jowett: a fire destroyed the factory and almost the entire stock of new cars. The brothers then had to decide as to whether they should rebuild the factory or call it a day. Thankfully, they continued as many interesting models were produced during this decade.

All Jowett cars and commercials built from the first prototype in 1906 were powered by the famous flat-twin engine known as ‘…the little engine with the big pull’. In 1935, the range was expanded to include a four-cylinder horizontally opposed engine and these two engines were used in various models until the Second World War.

All models produced during this decade are detailed with period anecdotes and illustrations as well as photographs of modern day survivors.

BOOK ISBN 9781781555767
FORMAT 235 x 165 mm
BINDING Paperback
PAGES 144 pages
ILLUSTRATIONS 119 black-and-white photographs



Noel Stokoe was born in York in 1950 and like his father, has always been interested in old cars. He worked for Barclays for thirty years, then five years in a building society, finally at his local library for eight years before retiring in 2013. He bought his first Jowett in 1985, a 1952 Jupiter sports car, which he still owns. He also owns a 1952 Javelin saloon and a 1953 Bradford van. Stokoe has been the press officer and librarian of the Jowett Car Club for over thirty years and has had six books published on Jowett cars.