The Jowett Bradford: Jowett’s Unsung Hero

Author(s): Noel Stokoe 

ISBN: 9781781557587
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A celebration of the Yorkshire-built Jowett Bradford range of light commercial vehicles built between 1946 and 1953.
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  • The first book devoted to the Jowett Bradford range of vehicles built by Yorkshire’s only mass-produced car manufacturer, Jowett Cars Ltd of Bradford

  • The Bradford range were rushed into production in 1946 as a stop-gap model but proved to be so much more than that 

  • A strong, rugged, reliable and above all, cheap and easy vehicle to purchase and maintain, it was a great success with small business owners and farmers

  • Profusely illustrated with high-quality photographs

The Jowett Bradford was rushed into production in 1946 as a stop-gap model pending the launch of the all-new Javelin saloon, which its young designer, Gerald Palmer, had been working on since 1942. It was based on the 1938 8-hp commercial and was a pre-war design in every respect; however, it was very popular with farmers and small businesses such as bakers, greengrocers, fish mongers and drapers, etc., as it was economical, cheap, rugged and simple to work on.

It was powered by a flat-twin horizontally opposed 1,005-cc engine, which was basically the same as the one fitted to the first prototype Jowett in 1906 with minor improvements. Compared to the new Javelin saloon and Jupiter sportscar, the powerplant was outdated.

The Bradford was expected to be dropped from the range in 1951, but this never happened and remained in production right up to the closure of the factory in 1954 when Jowett’s ceased trading. Ironically, it was the largest selling model that Jowett’s ever produced with almost 40,000 being built.

BOOK ISBN 9781781557587
FORMAT 235 x 165 mm
BINDING Paperback
PAGES 144 pages
PUBLICATION DATE 17 October 2019
ILLUSTRATIONS 148 colour photographs



Noel Stokoe was born in York in 1950 and like his father, has always been interested in old cars. He worked for Barclays for thirty years, then five years in a building society, finally at his local library for eight years before retiring in 2013. He bought his first Jowett in 1985, a 1952 Jupiter sports car, which he still owns. He also owns a 1952 Javelin saloon and a 1953 Bradford van. Stokoe has been the press officer and librarian of the Jowett Car Club for over thirty years and has had six books published on Jowett cars.