Brainwashed and Anointed: The Story of an Ex-Mormon

Author(s): Christopher Yeoman

ISBN: 9781781556672
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A heart-breaking tale of one man’s struggle with Mormon indoctrination, told with devilish wit and unwavering fortitude
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  • A fascinating insight into the effects religious brainwashing can have on people

  • An original story, including personal journal entries and private letters

  • A self-help book that will resonate with many others who have gone through similar experiences

  • An easy, conversational read with good humour and brutally honest stories

    In Brainwashed and Anointed: The Story of an Ex-Mormon, Chris Yeoman tells his heart-wrenching struggles within Mormonism with no holds barred honesty and irresistible wit. Raised as a Mormon boy in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Yeoman went through a heavily indoctrinated youth system and at the age of 19, served as a missionary for the Church.

    So confident of his religion and the existence of God, he thought nothing would ever break his faith, but after battling with shame and guilt for his so-called ‘sins’, an ordeal with panic attacks and loss, his belief system began to unravel.

    This gripping and honest story offers a fascinating insight into the conflict between years of conditioned thinking vs a need to re-programme one’s mind after escaping the clutches of organised religion.

    Packed with humorous anecdotes and tear-jerking confessions, Brainwashed and Anointed makes a fascinating read for those who have been affected by religion or not.

    BOOK ISBN 9781781556672
    FORMAT 234 x 156 mm
    BINDING Paperback
    PAGES 128 pages
    PUBLICATION DATE 22 February 2018
    ILLUSTRATIONS 18 colour photographs



    Christopher Yeoman was born in 1981 and lives in Farnborough, Hampshire. He is the author of Tiger Cub: The Story of John Freeborn, DFC and The Battle of Britain: Portraits of The Few. He has also written articles for Fighting High, World War Two, Air Battle Europe Series and Bomber Command: Failed To Return.

    Tor Idar Larsen was born in 1980 and lives in Eina, Norway. He is the author of Viking Spitfire: The Story of Finn Thorsager (Fonthill Media).