The Berlin 1945 Battlefield Guide: Part 2: The Battle of Berlin

Author(s): David McCormack 

ISBN: 9781781557396
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The essential guide to understanding the apocalyptic battle in Berlin that finally sealed the fate of the Third Reich.
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  • A meticulously researched and highly-detailed history and location guide

  • Insights into the human face of war

  • Period and contemporary photographs bring the history of an essential guide crammed with useful information and facts for explorers of the Berlin battlefield 

This highly-detailed, absorbing battlefield guide is the ideal companion for those considering exploring Hitler’s Gotterdammerung, his Berlin bunker during the final days of the Second World War.

Using his in-depth knowledge as a historian and battlefield guide, David McCormack vividly describes the apocalyptic struggle played out amongst the ruins of a once great city. The author’s intimate knowledge of the area ensures that the Wagnerian climax of the Third Reich is presented in a series of dramatic tableaux, which capture the regime’s final convulsive death throes. Prepare for a fascinating journey across the Berlin battlefield as it is today.

The Berlin 1945 Battlefield Guide: Part 2 – The Battle of Berlin is an essential guide to understanding the triumph of the Red Army and the final shattering defeat of German land forces defending the approaches to Hitler’s capital.


BOOK ISBN 9781781557396
FORMAT 234 x 156 mm
BINDING Paperback
PAGES 192 pages
TERRITORY UK and Worldwide
ILLUSTRATIONS 62 colour photographs


David McCormack graduated with first-class honours in Contemporary Military and International History. A regular contributor of Japanese-based historical articles to the International Academic Forum’s Eye Magazine, he has also had eight articles entitled Japan at War published by the Armourer Magazine (2005-2006).