Lady Anne Clifford 1590-1676

Author(s): Gordon Thorburn 

ISBN: 9781781557716
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Lady Anne Clifford of Queen Elizabeth’s Court became Countess of Dorset, was robbed of her inheritance, widowed, became Countess of Pembroke, widowed again and beat them all in the times of Oliver Cromwell and King Charles II
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  • Glamour, intrigue, conspiracy and danger in high places

  • Unthinkable and unheard rebellion against a world ordered by men 

  • Cruelty from a loving father, cruelty from a loving husband 

  • A hugely detailed account of her life – unrivalled in its depth and attention to detail 

The story of Lady Anne Clifford is one of feminine victory in a man’s world, the men including King James I, Charles I, Oliver Cromwell and two husbands: the Earl of Dorset, gambler, womaniser and waster, and the Earl of Pembroke, also a gambler and womaniser.

Lady Anne was the third child of George Clifford, Earl of Cumberland, Elizabeth I’s Royal Champion. Henry VIII was Anne’s great-great uncle. From the age of ten, Anne was a highly regarded figure at Elizabeth’s Court. Her two brothers died in infancy, leaving her sole heiress, but when her father died in 1605, his illegal will was left to his younger brother.

Lady Anne (aged 15) objected to the will and, rightfully, claimed the estates herself. Kings, archbishops and husbands spent years trying to persuade her that she, a mere female, should think of the greater good of society as God and men had ordered it, give up her claim, and let the men have what was properly theirs.

By shrewd moves, sheer determination and faith, Lady Anne outlasted and defeated them, restored her castles and became the grande dame of the north.

BOOK ISBN 9781781557716
FORMAT 234 x 156 mm
BINDING Hardback
PAGES 160 pages
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