The Complete Knight's Cross - Volume One: The Years of Victory 1939-1941

Author(s): Kevin Brazier

ISBN: 9781781557815
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The Complete Knight’s Cross tells the stories of all 7,364 men awarded it with full chronological listings and grave locations.
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  • All 7,364 holders are covered, including all the disputed awards

  • An exhaustive work of comprehensive research and study in various files, collections and paperwork

  • Grave locations and photographs are detailed

  • Beautifully illustrated with many rare and unpublished photographs

  • A must-have for military historians, enthusiasts and those interested in the Second World War

The Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross, to give it its full name, owes its origins to the Pour le Mérite (Blue Max), an Imperial award from 1740.

The Complete Knight’s Cross is a series of three books that tells the story of all men who were awarded it, including all disputed awards. The books have over 200 photos of holders of the medal and more than 100 photos of their graves.

The first volume, Volume One: The Years of Victory 1939-1941, deals with numbers 1-1,267). Volume Two: The Years of Stalemate covers 1942-1943 with numbers 1,268-3,685. The final volume, The Years of Defeat, chronicles the years 1944-1945 with numbers 3,686-7,364.

The recipients are listed in the order of the date of award. Each entry starts with the recipients rank and name, followed by details of the action or actions for which they were awarded the medal.

Other interesting facts and stories are also included for many. Finally, their burial locations, where known are given. Any higher awards such as Oak Leaves, Swords, Diamonds, etc., are also covered.

BOOK ISBN 9781781557815
FORMAT 234 x 156 mm
BINDING Hardback
PAGES 436 pages
ILLUSTRATIONS 75 black-and-white photographs



Kevin Brazier left school at sixteen and was almost unable to read and write, being diagnosed with dyslexia two years later. He educated himself by reading books and at the age of fifty, published his first book. Brazier has given talks at The National Army Museum, Metropolitan and Hertfordshire Police, The Royal British Legion and small military clubs, societies, schools and charity organisations.

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