Japanese Tanks and Armoured Warfare: 1932-45 A Military and Political History

Author(s): David McCormack 

ISBN: 9781781558102
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A fascinating history charting the development, deployment and combat operations of Imperial Japanese armoured forces.

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  • A meticulously researched and highly detailed history of Japanese research and design of tanks during the Second World War

  • Interesting period images of Japanese tanks, which show how they were deployed in both offensive and defensive roles

  • An absorbing and fascinating new history of Japanese tank warfare that busts many myths and falsehoods

  • Comprehensive data on both experimental Japanese tanks and the principal tanks and tank destroyers, which went into production

This absorbing new history charts the course of Japanese tank development, doctrine and use in combat operations and deployments conducted between 1932 and 1945.

Drawing upon archive material, David McCormack debunks the myth that all Japanese tanks were badly designed, lightly armoured and poorly built. Moreover, in his second book on Japanese military history – the first was the critically acclaimed Japan at War 1932-45: As the Cherry Blossom Falls – McCormack persuasively argues the case that Japanese tank design kept pace with, and in some respects surpassed European and American developments during the 1930s.

This fascinating and detailed account also considers the combat potential of the last generation of Japanese tanks, which were produced in relatively small numbers during the latter stage of the war and were exclusively reserved for home defence.

Japanese Tanks and Armoured Warfare 1932-45: A Military and Political History is nothing less than a complete reappraisal of Japanese armoured forces with many interesting period photographs.

BOOK ISBN 9781781558102
FORMAT 234 x 156 mm
BINDING Hardback
PAGES 176 pages
TERRITORY UK and Worldwide
ILLUSTRATIONS 30 black-and-white photographs


David McCormack graduated with first-class honours in Contemporary Military and International History. A regular contributor of Japanese-based historical articles to the International Academic Forum’s Eye Magazine, he has also had eight articles entitled Japan at War published by the Armourer Magazine (2005-2006).