Vietnam War Army Helicopter Nose Art (Volume 1)

Author(s): John Brennan 

ISBN: 9781625450357
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A unique photographic showcase from the Vietnam War of rediscovered Army helicopter nose art images extolling the expressive American spirit.

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  • Profusely illustrated with previously unpublished photographs

  • Pure unadulterated eye candy in beautiful colour

  • The Vietnam War that was not on the 6 O’clock News

Vietnam War Army Helicopter Nose Art unlocks a treasure trove of recently recovered Vietnam War photographs from Army veterans. Held from public view until now, these colourful helicopter nose art images capture that unmistakable American war custom of embellishing one’s assigned aircraft with personalised markings.

Each photo is accompanied by a caption containing data of the helicopter name, unit, serial number, photo date and location, crew names, artist name, photo contributor and anecdotal information. Against a backdrop of censorship, political correctness and military directives to the contrary, helicopter nose art flourished in Vietnam. Any study of Army aviation history is diminished if it fails to include the contributions and merits of helicopter nose art as exhibited in Vietnam.

Although Iron Butterfly may not be as well-known as Memphis Belle or Enola Gay from the Second World War, it nonetheless carried its crews into battle with as much passion for life and a sense of duty as their father’s generation.

BOOK ISBN 9781625450357
FORMAT 275 x 215 mm
BINDING Paperback
PAGES 192 pages
PUBLICATION DATE 15 November 2017
TERRITORY UK and Worldwide
ILLUSTRATIONS 306 colour photographs

John Brennan has authored six Vietnam War helicopter books. His background in this subject began with a twelve-month military tour in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta region assigned to the Army’s 114th Assault Helicopter Company as a flight operations coordinator. This was followed by a B.A. degree in American Studies from California State University at Chico. He was subsequently hired by the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum Library in Washington, DC. Later, when the 114th formed an association, Brennan served as a historian. Today, he is retired from federal service and resides with his family in Northern California.