Thomas J. Lipton's America's Cup Campaigns

Author(s): Richard V. Simpson

ISBN: 9781625451019
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The saga of one man's three-decade obsession with winning the America's Cup.
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Thomas J. Lipton’s America’s Cup Campaigns is the saga on one man’s three decade obsession with winning the America’s Cup. This is author Richard V. Simpson’s fifth title concerning the quest for the America’s Cup—the Blue Riband prize for the sport of large ocean racing yachts. In this book, Simpson relates brief stories of some of the most interesting of the early races for the Cup which lead up to the Lipton challenges. The narrative covers the development of the early sloops and schooners from wood, to metal and the challenges faced by designers.

For this narrative Simpson has searched century-old tabloids for early sport writers’ predictions and observation of the contestants; he has resurrected many long-forgotten contemporary accounts relative to late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century yachts built especially as America’s Cup racers. This historical account of the Lipton and Herreshoff face-offs is a sterling read for professional, amateur, and armchair sailor.

BOOK ISBN 9781625451019
FORMAT 248 x 172 mm
BINDING Hardback
PAGES 176 pages
ILLUSTRATIONS 30 colour illustrations



Richard V. Simpson is a native Rhode Islander who has always lived within walking distance to Narragansett Bay, first in the Edgewood section of Cranston and then in Bristol, where he has lived since 1960. A graphic designer by trade, he worked in advertising, printing, display, and textile design studios. After retiring in 1996 from a twentynine-year federal civil service career with the U.S. Navy Supply Center and Naval Undersea Warfare Center, he began a second career as an author of books on subjects of historical interest in Rhode Island’s East Bay with his principal focus on Bristol. Beginning in 1985, Richard acted as a contributing editor for the national monthly Antiques & Collecting Magazine in which eighty-five of his articles have appeared.

His 1989 Independence Day: How the Day is Celebrated in Bristol, Rhode Island is the singular authoritative book on the subject; his many anecdotal Fourth of July articles have appeared in the local Bristol Phoenix and the Providence Journal. His history of Bristol’s Independence Day celebration is the source of a story in the July 1989 Yankee Magazine and July 4, 2010 issue of Parade Magazine.