Churchill, Kitchener and Lloyd George: First World Warlords

Author(s): Stephen Cliffe 

ISBN: 9781781552728
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The full story of the men who guided Britain's destiny in the First World War.

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Early in 1945 the British Liberation Army (BLA), who had battled their way from the Normandy beaches to the borders of Germany, embarked on Operation Eclipse. This was the end-game of the Second World War, the unique military campaign to invade and conquer Hitler s Third Reich and liberate 20 million enslaved nationals from Holland, Denmark and Norway; to free multitudes of displaced persons (DPs) or slaves; and inter alia to free the survivors of twenty concentration camps and many Allied POW camps.

The Allied Military Government (AMG) brought law and order to 23 million German nationals in the allocated British zone of occupation (BAOR) and appropriate retribution too. A thrilling race with Stalin s Red Army ensued to reach the Baltic. A matter of a few hours and Denmark and Norway would have been swept into the evil Soviet empire.

The author fought vigorously as a junior RHA officer in the five great river battles Rhine, Dortmund-Ems, Weser, Aller and the Elbe. Soon after VE Day he was the junior officer in War Crimes Tribunals in Hamburg and Oldenburg and witnessed Mr Alfred Pierrepoint administering the hanging of prison camp guards.

BOOK ISBN 9781781552728
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Stephen Cliffe had an ancestor who charged with the Life Guards at Waterloo and a great uncle who was killed in the Battle of the Somme. A lifelong journalist and student of military history, and a former staff public relations officer at C-in-C Fleet, Royal Navy, Cliffe is an ex-Liberal Democrat councillor and is very much interested in the Liberal and coalition governments during the First World War.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review