Everyday Life of a Soldier on Hadrian's Wall

Author(s): Paul Elliott 

ISBN: 9781781553640
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What would life have been like as a Roman soldier on Hadrian's Wall?
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Walk the Wall, gaze northwards across hostile territory, man the turrets and milecastles… What was life like for the Roman troops stationed on Hadrian’s Wall? Follow the life of one man, a Tungrian soldier, through recruitment, training, garrison duty and war. Focussing on a single point in time and one fort on the Wall, we explore every aspect of military life on this bleak and remote frontier. Where was he born? What did he spend his money on? How did he fight? What did he eat? Did he have lice or fleas?

Archaeology and the accounts of ancient writers come together to paint a vivid picture of a soldier on the Wall soon after its completion in AD 130. Historical reconstruction and experimentation fill in the gaps that are left. Step back into the past, step into the marching boots of Tungrian soldiers as they patrol Rome’s greatest frontier.

BOOK ISBN 9781781553640
FORMAT 234 x 156 mm
BINDING Hardback
PAGES 176 pages
ILLUSTRATIONS 21 black-and-white drawings and maps and 34 colour illustrations



Paul Elliott has a degree in ancient history and archaeology and writes books on military history. Previous titles include The Last Legionary, Warrior Cults and Vietnam: Conflict & Controversy. He has also written articles on Roman military history for Ancient Warfare magazine. Paul has been involved in historical reconstruction for the past decade, in particular he has experimented with bronze casting, flint knapping, slinging and the fabrication of Roman shield types. He lives in East Yorkshire with his wife, Christine and son, John.