First of the Few: 5 June - 9 July 1940

Author(s): Brian Cull 

ISBN: 9781781551165
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This unique book covers operations a month before the ‘official’ start of the Battle of Britain: 5 June - 9 July 1940.
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During the Battle of France, the handful of RAF squadrons were heavily engaged. The Luftwaffe commenced raids over England and during July, German aircraft were harrying shipping in the Channel. Many of the RAF aircrews experiencing combat for the first time survived as the ‘first of the few’ to participate in the forthcoming defense of Britain – the Battle of Britain.

This volume covers the story of the RAF fighting in France in June 1940; the author’s earlier publication entitled Twelve Days in May, covered the period 10-21 May. This account excludes the epic story of the fighting over Dunkirk during the evacuation, 27 May - 4 June, which has been adequately covered elsewhere, but otherwise continues the story of RAF and Luftwaffe operations up to the eve of the ‘official’ start of Battle of Britain, 10 July.

BOOK ISBN 9781781551165
FORMAT 234 x 156 mm
BINDING hardback
PAGES 256 pages
PUBLICATION DATE 15 October 2012
ILLUSTRATIONS 30 black-and-white photographs

Brian Cull has been writing Second World War aviation history for the past twenty-five years and has more than twenty-five titles to his credit, many of which have been highly acclaimed. For Fonthill Media, he is the author of First of the Few: 5 June-9 July 1940, The Diary of Sonny Ormrod DFC: Malta Fighter Ace (with Frederick Galea), 249 at Malta: RAF’s Top-Scoring Fighter Squadron (with Frederick Galea), Fighters Over the Aegean: Hurricanes Over Crete, Spitfires Over Kos, Beaufighters Over the Aegean, 1943-44 and Battle for the Channel: The First Month of the Battle of Britain 10 July-10 August 1940.