Japan at War 1931-45: As the Cherry Blossom Falls

Author(s): David McCormack 

ISBN: 9781781555453
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The real story of why Japan declared war and continued to fight for so long against overwhelming odds.

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  • A concise history with the tension and anticipation of a thriller

  • New insights into the political machinations that drew Japan inexorably towards war

  • A gripping military history that will satisfy enthusiasts and students of history alike

  • Assiduously researched and rich in details of Japan’s apocalyptic struggle against the great Allied powers

Japan at War 1931-45: As the Cherry Blossom Falls is a fascinating account, recounted from American and Japanese perspectives, that follows the course of Japan’s ultimately unequal struggle against the great Allied powers.

Drawing on archive material, this new history provides the reader with piercing strategic and political insights, which debunk many of the enduring myths that encompassed Japan’s apocalyptic drive for hegemony in South East Asia. Why did Japan invade China? Was war with America and the British Empire inevitable?

Why was the Japanese mobile fleet defeated so decisively at Midway? Why did the Japanese continue fighting when defeat was inevitable? Was Emperor Hirohito merely a puppet for the militarists? Why did the Japanese people acquiesce in the occupation of their homeland?

While unsparing in its treatment of Japan’s ultimate culpability for unleashing the Second World War in Asia, this is an objective appraisal of the tragedy that engulfed much of the territories under Japanese control and eventually Japan itself.

BOOK ISBN 9781781555453
FORMAT 234 x 156 mm
BINDING Paperback
PAGES 176 pages
PUBLICATION DATE 15 September 2016
TERRITORY UK and Worldwide
ILLUSTRATIONS 30 black-and-white photographs


David McCormack graduated with first-class honours in Contemporary Military and International History. A regular contributor of Japanese-based historical articles to the International Academic Forum’s Eye Magazine, he has also had eight articles entitled Japan at War published by the Armourer Magazine (2005-2006).