Mosquito Attack! A Norwegian RAF Pilot at War

Author(s): Tor Idar Larsen and Finn Eriksrud 

ISBN: 9781781553114
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The gripping true story of Finn Eriksrud - a Mosquito pilot who fled Norway to take on the Luftwaffe over his occupied country.
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In 1943, Norwegians formed their third squadron flying under RAF Command: No. 333 Squadron. One flight would fly the trusty Consolidated PBY Catalina flying boat whereas the other operated the ultra-modern, wooden wonder: the de Havilland Mosquito. One of the chosen few to fly the Mosquito was 21-year-old Finn Eriksrud. Eriksrud had travelled all the way across the globe to end up in Scotland to fly the beloved ‘Mossie’ after a hazardous escape from Norway. Now Eriksrund would fly low level over his native country on extremely dangerous reconnaissance and patrol missions.

The flight started operations in May 1943. By December the same year, all of the original Mosquito pilots were dead, either from flying accidents or being shot down over the coast of Norway. That same month became Eriksrud’s final month with the squadron as he ditched his Mosquito off the coast of Norway and was taken prisoner. He had not gone down with a fight, however, and on one occasion shot down a Junkers 88 bomber. Eriksrud’s navigator managed to snatch a photograph seconds before it crashed. Christmas Eve was spent in Norway and Eriksrud did not return victorious. He came back a prisoner of war… in his home country.

BOOK ISBN 9781781553114
FORMAT 234 x 156 mm
BINDING Hardback
PAGES 160 pages
PUBLICATION DATE 15 February 2015
ILLUSTRATIONS 51 black and white photographs



Tor Idar Larsen was born in Gjøvik, Norway, in 1980.