Pasco's P23 Motor Launch: A Tradition of Cornish Boatbuilding

Author(s): Peter W. Bodle 

ISBN: 9781781555743
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A superb pictorial history of the first new boat in over a decade at one of Cornwall’s oldest boatyards.
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  • Written by a local resident with a keen interest in boat building and many books to his credit

  • Superbly illustrated with many rare and unpublished photographs

  • Pasco’s boatyard is still very active today, but was first established 250 years ago

  • Rare interviews with the designer and master shipwrights during the build

Pasco’s Boatyard started in 1771. When it was sold to new owners Craig Brown and Chris De Glanville in 2013, one of their aims was to preserve the traditions of wooden boats in the St Just Creek, and to foster the shipwright skills required to build and maintain them. Under previous ownership, the thrust of the yard’s activities had been towards mooring, wintering, and maintaining boats for their owners – it was now time to change.

One of the first decisions of the new owners was to agree on a way of demonstrating those skills and traditions, so what better way than to design and build the first new Pasco’s boat in over a decade? It would also demonstrate to the local community the yard’s commitment to expanding maritime employment in the St Just area. There was no better man to lead the team than Bob Edwards, who was a well-established designer and builder of boats, as well as an enthusiastic owner of an earlier Pasco’s P21 Motor Launch.

A few discussions, and several nights of drawing plans and making calculations later, and the stage was set for the new P23 to become the next of the long line of Pasco’s built boats. This book follows that build.

BOOK ISBN 9781781555743
FORMAT 235 x 165 mm
BINDING Paperback
PAGES 96 pages
ILLUSTRATIONS 128 colour photographs



Peter W. Bodle FRAeS started out in life as an engineer, became a designer and then an inventor by inventing the Passive Floor Path Marking System for passenger carrying aircraft. The company he started then is now the world’s leader in this technology. Fortunately, its success has allowed him the time to pursue his writing interests and has so far had almost twenty biographies and aviation history published. Bodle was a light aircraft pilot for almost twenty-five years and is married with four children and an ever growing number of grandchildren and great grandchildren.