Shakespeare’s Missing Years

Author(s): John Idris Jones 

ISBN: 9781781556764
Copies: 79
A new work that adds significant detail to knowledge of the playwright’s early life, much of which is new and original.
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  • An authoritative account of Shakespeare’s early life

  • The ‘Lancashire Theory’ is supported

  • The author presents original material, including a newly-discovered work he believes to be Shakespeare’s, in his handwriting

  • The ‘puzzle’ of the unknown whereabouts of the young William Shakespeare is now closer to being solved

  • This book adds to knowledge of Shakespeare’s time in Lancashire, working for noble Catholic families, especially the Earls of Derby (Stanleys)

  • The Sonnets is given a new interpretation. The author proposes that three young men are depicted in shadowy form, not just the Earl of Southampton 

The ‘missing years’ of William Shakespeare are one of the major puzzles in the field of English literature. He is by universal agreement the most important writer of the English language. Hundreds, if not thousands, of books on his works have been published, including biography and literary theory.

And yet, a large part of his biography is incomplete, and biographers have found this to be an embarrassing problem. They do not know where he was or what he was doing in the period between leaving school in Stratford-upon-Avon and when he emerged as a dramatist-poet in the early 1590s.

John Idris Jones has worked on Shakespeare’s Missing Years for over twenty years. In this essential book, he brings together thousands of details, which add to the sum of knowledge of Shakespeare’s life and work. Here, ‘The Lancashire Theory’ is augmented.

BOOK ISBN 9781781556764
FORMAT 234 x 156 mm
BINDING Paperback
PAGES 144 pages
ILLUSTRATIONS 21 black-and-white illustrations



Born in the Berwyn mountains of mid-Wales, John Idris Jones moved to Ruthin where he attended Brynhyfryd School. He then studied at the universities of Keele, Leeds and Cornell where he held the Philosophical Foundations Assistantship. He taught at Northern Illinois University and in Cardiff at the College of Education and University. Jones ran a publishing company and retired to live in Ruthin where he lives with his wife Denise who was a Member of the Welsh Assembly.