The Lion and the Rose: A Biography of a Great War Battalion – The 1/5th King’s Own

Author(s): Kevin Shannon 

ISBN: 9781781555552
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The most complete biography of an infantry battalion of the Great War ever published.
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  • The Great War as it was told through the history of a single battalion during the war

  • Beautifully illustrated with previously unpublished photographs

  • Concentrates not only on the major battles, but also on the everyday life of the common soldier

  • Appendices include the most complete battalion roll ever compiled

Based on many unpublished sources, this book narrates the individual parts played by over 1,500 of those who served with the 1/5th King’s Own in the Great War. First seeing action in Flanders in March 1915, they fought in almost all of the major campaigns on the Western Front. Initially recruited from Lancaster, Morecambe, Blackpool and Fleetwood, this battalion was very much a ‘family’ unit with many of the men closely related and no less than seven father-son relationships within the battalion.

Though these relationships helped strengthen the men in times of need, when casualties were suffered, they brought extra heartache to the battlefield. Often, these tragic outcomes are related in the men’s own words. Using a combination of mainly unpublished sources, this volume details the deeds of this gallant battalion. Wherever possible, accurate co-ordinates have been given for the places men served, fought and in many cases, were wounded or died. A series of sketch maps detail the trench locations in which the battalion fought.

BOOK ISBN 9781781555552
FORMAT 234 x 156 mm
BINDING Hardback
PAGES 472 pages
ILLUSTRATIONS 31 black-and-white photographs



Kevin Shannon’s father, Bill, took part in Operation Tonga. Shannon spent ten years in the British Army, serving in a number of regiments. After many years of teaching history in a secondary school, he now works with young people with behavioural problems.