The Ultimate Flying Wings of the Luftwaffe

Author(s): Justo Miranda 

ISBN: 9781781553725
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Impossible to detect by radar or intercepted by fighters, the Luftwaffe embarked on top secret projects to create supersonic and stealth flying wings to end the war.
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It might have happened. With the Allied forces pushing into Germany, a desperate Hitler launched the next breed of German aircraft

Imagine a strange triangular bomber that could not be detected by radar or intercepted by fighters launches an inextinguishable ball of fire over London which destroys the city and its surroundings up to the sea. Or perhaps a black boomerang of sixty meters drops two tons of anthrax over Washington and New York, making them uninhabitable for fifty years. A bombing raid experiences massive casualties, savaged by an armada of new German fighters, a like that the Allied gunners had never seen before. They are dart shaped, too fast for the gunners to take aim, so the new Nazi flying wings and triangles decimate the bombers with their cannon fire and missiles that were automatically activated by photo-electric cells.

These things never happened. However, the construction of secret flying wings had commenced at the start of 1945 and one extraordinary new fighter took to the skies on its only test flight. If these radical fighters of the Luftwaffe had been pressed into service earlier, they may well have changed the outcome of the Second World War.

Profusely illustrated with technical drawings and fascinating data and information on the Luftwaffe’s most radical fighter and bomber projects, The Ultimate Flying Wings of the Luftwaffe chronicles these revolutionary designs. A fascinating book for the military historian, enthusiastic modelers and those interested in the more extreme side of World War 2 aviation, this book shows how advanced German scientists were towards the end of the Second World War and how close Hitler may have come in winning after all.

BOOK ISBN 9781781553725
FORMAT 248 x 172 mm
BINDING Hardback
PAGES 248 pages
ILLUSTRATIONS 133 black-and-white technical drawings



Justo Miranda is the author of books and monographs on aviation since the 1980s. A widely known historian, Miranda specialises in aviation of the 1930s and is the author of two volumes on aircraft used during the Spanish Civil War. The exciting discovery of a microfilm on secret German weapons in the early 1990s drove him to publish Secret Wonder Weapons of the Third Reich, later published by Schiffer in 1996. Since then, Miranda has published Reichdreams and monographs on little known airplane projects.