Tornado in Pictures: The Multi-Role Legend

Author(s): Dave Gledhill and Darren Willmin 

ISBN: 9781781554630
Copies: 458

A pictorial guide to life in this iconic modern aircraft.
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The Panavia Tornado was designed as a multi-role combat aircraft to meet the needs of Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom. Since the prototype flew in 1974, nearly 1000 Tornados have been produced in a number of variants serving as a fighter-bomber, a fighter and in the reconnaissance and electronic suppression roles. Deployed operationally in numerous theatres throughout the world, the Tornado has proved to be exceptionally capable and flexible. From its early Cold War roles it adapted to the rigours of expeditionary warfare from The Gulf to Kosovo to Afghanistan. The early "dumb" bombs were replaced by laser-guided weapons and cruise missiles and in the air-to-air arena fitted with the AMRAAM and ASRAAM missiles.

In this book David Gledhill explores the range of capabilities and, having flown the Tornado F2 and F3 Air Defence Variant, offers an insight into life in the cockpit of the Tornado. Lavishly illustrated, Darren Willmin's superb photographs capture the essence of the machine both from the ground and in the air. This unique collection including some of David Gledhill's own air-to-air pictures of the Tornado F2 and F3 will appeal to everyone with an interest in this iconic aircraft.


BOOK ISBN 9781781554630
FORMAT 235 x 165 mm
BINDING paperback
PAGES 96 pages
ILLUSTRATIONS 124 colour photographs

Dave Gledhill is an aviation enthusiast and aviator. Having been awarded his pilot's licence at the age of 17, he was commissioned in the RAF in 1974 and trained as an air navigator, before converting to the F4 Phantom in the Air Defence role. After tours in the UK and Germany, he went on to be a radar tactics instructor on the Operational Conversion Unit. One of the first instructors on the new Tornado F2, he eventually became the Executive Officer on the OCU and OC1435 Flight flying the Tornado F3.

Darren Willmin has been an aviation enthusiast since the age of nine and has been capturing aeronautical photographs for over twenty years. His passion for aviation has taken him around the world visiting airports, airbases and airshows capturing unique and stunning images in the process. A keen blogger through his website ‘Aviation in Action’, he is also the founder of the Herts Aviation Society. Willmin had previously co-written Tornado in Pictures: The Multi-Role Legend for Fonthill Media (2015) with David Gledhill.