USAFE Tactical Units in the United Kingdom in the Cold War 1950 to 1992

Author(s): Doug Gordon 

ISBN: 9781781558607
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A history of all USAFE Tactical flying units resident in the United Kingdom during the Cold War from 1950 to 1992
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  • With the recent invasion of Ukraine and a new Cold War between Russia and NATO, this is a timely evaluation of USAF operations between 1950 and 1992

  • Aircraft of the period are covered in exhaustive detail from the F-86 Sabre to the Fairchild A-10 Thunderbolt, including the F-84 Thunderstreak, the F-100 Super Sabre, the F-4 Phantom the F-111 Aardvark and more

  • Gloriously illustrated with 459 images (166 colour), many of which are rare or unpublished from private collections

  • Of interest to aviation and military historians, modellers, flight enthusiasts and gamers such as IL-2, War Thunder and DCS

    USAFE Tactical Units in the United Kingdom in the Cold War 1950 to 1992 contains a history of all United States Air Force Tactical Air Command flying units that were resident in the United Kingdom during the period 1950 to 1992.

    'From the cockpit' testimony from aircrew who were assigned to the individual squadrons and wings is an integral part of the narrative, which is which is supported by 459 images, 166 of which are in colour.

    The tactical nuclear mission was central to the operations of many of the UK-based units and is covered in detail from its beginnings in 1952 with the arrival the 20th TFW and the 47th Bombardment Wing to the adoption by NATO of the doctrine of ‘Flexible Response’ and the eventual end of the Cold War.

    Also included are sections on the units that were temporarily deployed to the United Kingdom in support of the USAF and NATO operations.

    The comprehensive appendices contain essays on individual aircraft development, international events that had a direct bearing on the missions and deployments of the individual units, the support aircraft used by the wings, maps and tables.

    BOOK ISBN 9781781558607
    FORMAT 248 x 172 mm
    BINDING Hardback
    PAGES 448 pages
    PUBLICATION DATE 14 June 2022
    ILLUSTRATIONS 293 black-and-white and 166 colour images



    Doug Gordon was born in Orford, Suffolk, in the UK and spent his early childhood within sight and sound of the USAF base at RAF Bentwaters. Regular attendance at USAF Open Houses engendered a passion for aircraft. These early experiences and a move to Farnborough in the early 1960s with visits to Farnborough air shows were the foundation for an abiding interest in military aviation of the Cold War. He regularly publishes articles about the units and aircraft of the Cold War with a particular emphasis on the USAF. He lives in Brittany, France.