Arming for Accuracy: RAF Bomb Aimers of the Second World War

Author(s): Colin Pateman 

ISBN: 9781781558157
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Provides accounts of previously unpublished and historically accurate operational flying by RAF bomb aimers over Nazi Germany.
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  • Provides a detailed examination of the development of bomb aimers during the Second World War

  • Packed with incredible stories of individual heroism and sacrifice

  • Assiduously researched and referenced from operational logbooks, rich in detail and lavishly illustrated with many unpublished images

  • Supported by National Archives’ historical documentation originated from within the RAF

During the Second World War, Bomber Command witnessed the large four-engine ‘heavy bombers’, namely the Handley Page Halifax, Short Stirling and Avro Lancaster develop into significant bomb-carrying platforms.

Arming for Accuracy: RAF Bomb Aimers During the Second World War studies the origin of bomb aimers, their training and the complexity of dropping many types of ordinance. Technical and scientific developments are examined to provide an understanding that enabled the bomb-aimers wing to be awarded to the men who volunteered.

Accounts of dangerous operational flying will be revealed by bomb aimers in numerous aircraft. This book will examine true accounts that took place, and many are based upon personal flying logbooks and other unique material originating from the aircrew.

BOOK ISBN 9781781558157
FORMAT 234 x 156 mm
BINDING Hardback
PAGES 196 pages
PUBLICATION DATE 10 December 2020
ILLUSTRATIONS 45 black-and-white photographs

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Colin Pateman served for 32 years in Sussex Police, a qualified Home Office Instructor in all Police Dog roles. In addition, the specific search dog requirements with the armed services saw him trained by the Royal Engineers, and deployed as a search advisor in both his home county and Nationally.

He is an avid collector of military medals and memorabilia, with a particular interest in the Royal Air Force. The author of Airborne Animals and Cockpit Companions and the Co-author of Unwanted Hero.