Voices of Colditz: Handwritten Accounts by Allied Officers Inside Oflag IV-C

Author(s): Peter Clay 

ISBN: 9781781553862
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Thrilling accounts of daring escapes and everyday life in the notorious Colditz Castle. Written by those that lived them while still imprisoned.
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Rarely does a piece of history emerge to tell a significant tale after nearly 70 years in a bedroom drawer. Recovered and brought back to Britain in 1945, a battered log book from a Canadian Red Cross parcel now reveals its long-held secrets though over a hundred hand-written stories.

In 1942, two Canadian Army officers in Colditz Prison in Germany passed a blank hard-cover log book among their fellow officers, so that as many as possible could write their own accounts, to be printed after the war ended. Each fascinating page reveals vivid tales of hair-raising escapes, air, land and sea battles, bombing raids, ship sinkings, incarceration, deprivation and even amusing tales of everyday prison life.

High-ranking officers from allied countries, and men from the ranks, all imprisoned in Colditz because of their prominent status or high risk of escape, have contributed to these pages. Although much of the content was printed in 1945 in Europe, the original text has only recently been rediscovered, retyped and reproduced. It now includes previously unseen accounts and illustrations. This historical text reveals the stories of courageous officers and men of Oflag IVC, finally bringing important tales into the light of day from within the walls of Colditz.

BOOK ISBN 9781781553862
FORMAT 248 x 172 mm
BINDING Hardback
PAGES 320 pages
ILLUSTRATIONS 145 black-and-white and 57 colour photographs



Peter Clay has a background in advertising, design, copy writing, direct mail, and writing. He has written three previous books and lives in Canada.