Crafty Characters: Tales of Famous and Infamous Freemasons

Author(s): Mike Neville 

ISBN: 9781781559031
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Stories of the lives of famous and infamous Freemasons who have influenced the world for good and bad.
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  • Masons involved in murder, treason, conspiracy and scandal

  • Jack the Ripper and Freemasons: the full facts revealed for the first time

  • Are Masons involved in conspiracies to control the world or are they just ordinary members of society?

  • Tales of famous and infamous Masons: police officers, judges, celebrities, film-makers, soldiers, explorers, world-famous businessmen, politicians, forgers, scoundrels and murderers

  • Crafty Characters covers the lives of weird, wonderful and wicked Masons over the last 300 years

Many Freemasons have made the world a better place when others have been villainous criminals. Members of the Craft have developed forensic science, solved famous crimes and invented all manner of things.

Several members of the royal family have been members of the Craft and the declining interest in the organisation from younger royals is also discussed. Masons have been very active in the criminal justice system – both as ‘goodies’ and ‘baddies’.

It was a Mason who formed the Special Branch to fight terrorism and another who brought the Moors Murders to an end. In some cases, such as the Cleveland Street Scandal, Masons found themselves on both sides of the law. The medical profession is also well-represented in lodges.

Happily, it was a member of the Craft who rescued the Elephant Man and a Masonic doctor was the first to identify an occupational cancer. On the other side of the coin, there have been evil Masonic doctors who committed murder and other heinous crimes.

One Masonic surgeon may have committed regicide with the ‘mercy killing’ of a king. In addition, there are stories of weird and wonderful Masons – celebrities, film makers, soldiers, explorers, world-famous businessmen, politicians, forgers and scoundrels.

All are covered in Crafty Characters: Tales of Famous and Infamous Freemasons.

BOOK ISBN 9781781559031
FORMAT 234 x 156 mm
BINDING Paperback
PAGES 176 pages
ILLUSTRATIONS 98 black-and-white photographs


Mike Neville is a Freemason who belongs to many Masonic orders and a retired Scotland Yard Detective Chief Inspector. He is an expert on the history of the Craft and crime. Neville is also world renowned for his ability to catch criminals with CCTV using ‘Super Recogniser’ officers. Consequently, he travels the world assisting police forces and giving lectures in lodges. He is the author of Sacred Secrets: Freemasonry, the Bible and Christian Faith, holds the rank of lieutenant colonel in the Army Cadet Force and is the national training officer for music.