Death by Chocolate: The Serial Poisoning of Victorian Brighton

Author(s): Sophie Jackson 

ISBN: 9781781551042
£13.29 £18.99
The Victorian Police hunt for Brighton’s first serial poisoner. This is the definitive account of the first recognised serial poisoner in Britain.
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Brighton in the 1870s is a popular tourist destination, but when little Sidney Barker dies mysteriously from Strychnine-poisoned chocolates the town is thrown into panic. Could it have been an accident or is someone out to harm Brighton? When more children start being poisoned by packets of sweets they find lying about the town and strange parcels of arsenic-laced cakes are sent to prominent Brighton residents the police step up the search for a serial poisoner.

Who is determined to take revenge on the town?

Brighton policeman, Inspector Gibbs, finds himself on the toughest case he has ever faced with what at first appears to be a motiveless crime, but as he delves into the lives of the victims he realises there is cold calculation behind the poisonings. His hunt takes him into the dark side of middle-class poverty, family insanity, and the Victorian obsession with sex and scandal.

BOOK ISBN 9781781551042
FORMAT 234 x 156 mm
BINDING Hardback
PAGES 208 pages
PUBLICATION DATE 15 November 2012
ILLUSTRATIONS 30 black-and-white photographs



Sophie Jackson has worked as a freelance journalist and historian since 2003 with her articles published in numerous magazines in the UK and US, particularly Medieval History Magazine and Family History Monthly. Between 2007 and 2009 she was the editor for The History Magazine before returning fulltime to freelance work. She specialises in social history and has written several books on the secret history of the Second World War and has worked as a history consultant for the Heritage Lottery Fund.