Digital Railway Photography: A Practical Guide

Author(s): Jeremy de Souza 

ISBN: 9781781554265
£15.19 £18.99

A complete guide to the art of railway photography written by an expert with 40 years experience.
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Railway photography has never been more popular. Good quality images, once only achievable with expensive professional hardware, are now within everyone’s reach. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced photographer wanting to broaden your horizons, Digital Railway Photography: A Practical Guide will help you get the best from your camera with clear advice and how to avoid common pitfalls. Whether you have an entry level compact camera or an all-singing high-end digital SLR, you will find no nonsense advice and practical tips.

Digital Railway Photography: A Practical Guide is written by Jeremy de Souza, a British railway photographer with almost 40 years of experience. From mastering the basic camera controls to more advanced techniques such as panning, time exposures and creative projects, this essential book will help and guide you. You will also find advice on how to save your images securely in the digital age and make simple adjustments in order to present them at their very best. For those with film collections, you will also find advice on how to get the best results from scanning.

BOOK ISBN 9781781554265
FORMAT 248 x 172 mm
BINDING Paperback
PAGES 180 pages
ILLUSTRATIONS 177 colour photographs

Jeremy de Souza has been taking railway photographs for almost 40 years, and although too young to have witnessed the end of regular steam in the UK, he has recorded many of the dramatic changes in the British and European rail scene. Although originally a committed film user, he migrated to digital photography in the early 1990s, amassing throughout a fascinating collection of 7,000 railway images. From his Hampshire home, de Souza travels regularly to pursue his hobby, searching for that ever elusive ‘perfect’ railway photo.