Exercise Tiger: The Forgotten Sacrifice of the Silent Few

Author(s): Wendy Lawrance

ISBN: 9781781551103
£13.29 £18.99
The story of the forgotten sacrifices made during Exercise Tiger on 28 April 1944 - the most costly Allied training exercise of the Second World War.
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Exercise Tiger: A series of operations off the South Devon coast in the spring of 1944, rehearsing for the forthcoming D-Day landings. Shrouded in mystery, one of these exercises ended in disaster for over 600 young American servicemen, as their operation was discovered by a patrol of German e-boats, which attacked, leaving two LSTs sunk and one badly damaged. The secret nature of these exercises, some claimed, led to a military cover-up and many families were not immediately informed of the nature of the deaths of their loved-ones. Over the months that followed, D-Day came and went, the war ended and there seemed little point in raking over this sorry affair.

Exercise Tiger became a forgotten chapter in the annals of the Second World War. Using archive documents and images, this book recounts the history and personal accounts behind this tragic event, as well as examining the many subsequent conspiracy theories and exploring the evidence behind them.

BOOK ISBN 9781781551103
FORMAT 234 x 156 mm
BINDING Hardback
PAGES 256 pages
PUBLICATION DATE 15 December 2013
ILLUSTRATIONS 75 black and white photographs



Wendy Lawrance was born and grew up in Surrey, attending school in Esher where she developed an early interest in English Literature, especially that of the First World War. After twenty years running her own business in the graphic design industry, Lawrance decided to fulfil her life’s ambition and become a writer, which she has now been doing professionally for over ten years, becoming a recognised academic authority on First World War literature in which she has published over fifty titles. Lawrance lives near the beautiful West Sussex coast with her husband, grown-up daughter and teenage son.