Fascist Italy at War: 1939–1943

Author(s): Thomas X. Ferenczi

ISBN: 9781781559154
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A thoroughly researched political and military history of Fascist Italy from shortly before the Second World War to the deposition of its dictator, Benito Mussolini.
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  • Includes rare and revealing excerpts of speeches, letters, diaries, memoranda,
    telegrams, laws, agreements, and pacts

  • Uncovers material previously neglected in British, French, German, Italian,
    Russian, and American archives

  • Appendices contain full reproduction of rarely seen key historical documents

In the late 1930s, Fascist Italy’s participation in three wars—in Ethiopia, Spain, and Albania—had taxed its martial capabilities to the utmost. In June 1940, seduced by the prospect of glory on the battlefield and swift territorial acquisitions, Mussolini brought Italy into the war alongside his powerful German ally. This great folly, committed while the Italian Armed Forces were grossly unprepared for a sustained conflict against the Allied Powers, culminated in the deposition of the Duce, an Anglo–American invasion of Italy, and a brutal occupation by its former Axis partner.

Fascist Italy at War: 1939–1943 is a revelatory account of Italy’s role in the Second World War. Drawing on rarely seen archival evidence, it examines Italy’s disastrous military performance in the Balkan, North African, and Russian theatres— exacerbated by subpar training, inexpert leadership, and limited war materiel—to demonstrate the catastrophic consequences of Mussolini’s war policy. It also explores in absorbing detail the destabilising political machinations behind the scenes between the Axis leaders and among the leading Fascist personalities.

BOOK ISBN 9781781559154
FORMAT 234 x 156 mm
BINDING Hardback
PAGES 272 pages
ILLUSTRATIONS 40 illustrations
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Thomas Xavier Ferenczi has studied management, insurance, pharmacology and law. He primarily writes non-fiction in the historical and legal genres. His areas of expertise are the Second World War and Canadian criminal and employment law. Among his personal interests are film, literature and travel. He has an affinity for classic SF novels, vintage comic books and 8-bit video games. He currently resides in western Canada.

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