Frontkämpfer: Wehrmacht Photo Albums From The Front

Author(s): Jeff D. Eberle 

ISBN: 9781781558959
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A fascinating collection of rarely seen photographs of the German war machine during the Second World War.
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  • Never-before-seen snapshots of famous German wartime personalities, foreign volunteer units, rarely seen and experimental firearms, and famous battles

  • An encompassing glimpse of the Wehrmacht through the German camera lens including all branches of military service: Heer, Kriegsmarine, Luftwaffe, Waffen SS and Hitler Youth

  • A detailed photographic study of the development and changes to German small arms, uniforms and equipment during the war

  • An exciting new look into the men, machines and weapons of the Wehrmacht featuring period photographs from both German and Allied sources, the majority of which have never been published

Frontkämpfer is a collection of World War II German photographs, the majority of which have never been published before. Sourced directly from personal photo albums of German veterans, Allied soldiers, and archival resources, readers are taken on a chronological journey through World War II, its beginning in September 1939 with the Blitzkrieg invasion of Poland and its culmination with the German surrender in Berlin in May 1945.

Frontkämpfer takes the reader through the campaigns in Europe, North Africa, and the Soviet Union, as well as the air war and the war at sea. Featured in this volume are all branches of the German Wehrmacht: Heer, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine, Waffen SS, foreign volunteer legions, Volkssturm, and auxiliary support units. This book presents a detailed study of the uniforms, small arms, equipment, and machinery of the German military, including rare and experimental subject matter. Historically significant battles such as Stalingrad and wartime personalities are featured as well. As an added bonus, photographs from the early post-war years are included, highlighting the return of German POWs, the reconstruction of Germany, and the birth of the West German Bundeswehr and East German Nationale Volksarmee.

Frontkämpfer is a must have for students of German military history.

BOOK ISBN 9781781558959
FORMAT 248 x 172 mm
BINDING Hardback
PAGES 256 pages
PUBLICATION DATE 30 November 2023
ILLUSTRATIONS 407 black-and-white photographs



Jeff D. Eberle lives in a small mountain community west of Denver and is an author, photographer and amateur historian. Growing up, he developed an interest in Second World War history, and at the age of twelve, collecting photographs of the conflict. Sourcing his collection from veterans, estate sales, auction houses and junk shops, Eberle has accumulated thousands of never-before-seen photographs of humanity’s greatest conflict. Now, over thirty years later, he has decided to share his collection with the world.