Jasper: The Tudor Kingmaker

Author(s): Sara Elin Roberts  

ISBN: 9781781553909
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The first proper academic biography of Jasper Tudor, the architect of the victory at Bosworth and thus the Tudor dynasty.
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Jasper, Earl of Pembroke, Duke of Bedford, brother and uncle of kings, was a central figure in the Wars of the Roses, and the Lancastrian claimant during the reign of Edward IV. The second son of Owen Tudor and the widowed queen Katherine of Valois, he was the half-brother of Henry VI, who gave him a prominent role at court. As one of England’s major nobles and a potential successor to Henry, he was seen as a threat by Yorkists.

He took part in the major battles of the war, leading the Lancastrian forces at Mortimer’s Cross and Tewkesbury. The tempestuous politics in England meant that he had to spend time in exile in Brittany, taking his nephew, Henry, with him. Under Jasper’s influence, Henry prospered and returned to England to defeat Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth, leading to the establishment of the Tudor dynasty. Despite his important place in history, Jasper has become the forgotten kingmaker, neglected by historians. This book is the first full academic study of him, drawing upon contemporary sources from England, Wales and France, and the wider historiography to present a detailed and superbly-researched biography.

BOOK ISBN 9781781553909
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Sara Elin Roberts is a medieval historian, specializing in the history and literature of medieval Wales. A native of Anglesey, she grew up just a few miles from the ancestral home of the Tudor dynasty. A graduate of Bangor and Oxford Universities, she now lectures on medieval history at the University of Chester. In addition to her many publications for academic and general audiences, she has made regular appearances on television and radio, including the BBC series The Story of Wales.