Kettenhund! The German Military Police in the Second World War

Author(s): Gordon Williamson 

ISBN: 9781781553329
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A study of the organisational structure, uniforms and insignia of Germany’s feared military police formations during the Second World War.
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In almost every army in the World, the Military Police rank amongst those who are least liked by other soldiers despite the essential duties that they carry out, often being amongst the first in and last out in any theatre of war. In the German armed forces, however, opinions of the military police were often those of fear as much as dislike, so great were the powers held by these troops. Germany created a plethora of different branches of what were termed ‘Ordnungstruppe’ – Troops for Maintaining Order. Many wore a distinctive metal gorget plate on a chain around the neck, leading to their pejorative nickname ‘Kettenhund’ or Chain Dogs.

Despite certainly being involved in often brutal treatment of partisans and other unfortunates who fell into their grasp, their skills were sufficiently appreciated by the allies that on Germany’s surrender, a number of military police units of the Wehrmacht were allowed to remain in post under allied control to assist in controlling the vast number of now disarmed German troops. Kettenhund! The German Military Police in the Second World War, using primarily previously unpublished photographic material from private sources, provides a detailed study of the organisation of these units and the distinctive uniforms and insignia they wore.

BOOK ISBN 9781781553329
FORMAT 248 x 172 mm
BINDING Hardback
PAGES 336 pages
PUBLICATION DATE 15 December 2014
ILLUSTRATIONS 446 black-and-white and 52 colour photographs



Gordon Williamson is a retired civil servant born in 1951. Williamson is the author of more than fifty successful works dealing with various aspects of militaria and military history. A former member of the Royal Military Police (TA) whose father served as an MP in North Africa, Italy and Normandy during the Second World War, he has a special interest in military police forces of that conflict and has spent several decades studying and collecting photographs and ephemera relating to the German Feldgendarmerie and other police type formations of the Wehrmacht making contact with several former members of these units. An acclaimed military author, Kettenhund! The German Military Police in the Second World War is his first book for Fonthill Media.