Scranton Through Time

Author(s): Margo Azzarelli 

ISBN: 9781635000122
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Take a trip back in time and stroll the same streets as Scranton's pioneers.
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Take a trip back in time and stroll the same streets as Scranton's pioneers.

The coal mining town was at the forefront of the Industrial Revolution with the birth of the Iron Furnaces in the 1840's and the manufacturing of T-Rails. “If you can play Scranton, you can play anywhere”, originated here during the Vaudeville Era and the “Electric City” shined bright in the 1930's when its population soared with people from all walks of life.

Adding to the city's rich history and beautiful architecture is the popularity it has received in recent years, for being the fictional setting of Dunder and Mifflin, The Office television series, as the saying goes “Ain't no party, like a Scranton party”.

Providence, Hyde Park, and Scranton Proper were organized by a special charter and incorporated as the city of Scranton on April 23, 1866. Celebrate with the city as it approaches its 150th Birthday!

BOOK ISBN 9781635000122
FORMAT 235 x 165 mm
BINDING Paperback
PAGES 96 pages
PUBLICATION DATE 15 October 2015
ILLUSTRATIONS 92 black-and-white and 92 colour photographs




Margo Azzarelli is a native of Scranton, Pa. She is an author/ researcher and is the writer of a local history column for the bi-monthly publication, Our Town, Lackawanna County. Her love for history stems from her first visit to Scranton's Historic Iron Furnaces as a child. Azzarelli is an active volunteer for the Lackawanna Historical Society and the Pennsylvania Anthracite Heritage Museum. She and her family write and produce local history programs and enjoy presenting them to the community. This is Azzarelli's fifth local history book centered in and around the area in which she lives.