The Battle of Arnhem

Author(s): Cornelis Bauer 

ISBN: 9781781551264
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The attempt to capture the Rhine crossing; a pivotal moment during the Second World War.

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Much has been written about Operation Market Garden, but the contribution made by Colonel Boeree, who lived at Ede right on the doorstep of the Battle, adds an important element to the recorded information on the subject. Colonel Boeree made a deep study of the operations carried out by the 1st Airborne Division, north of the Neder Rhine, and for a number of years lived and breathed the battle day and night.

The end result was this book written by Cornelis Bauer on information supplied by Colonel Boeree. Here for the first time is the complete story of this controversial operation told by a skilled observer who has spent 20 years carrying out the most detailed possible research which included obtaining the personal opinions and experiences of many British and German participants. In doing so, he proved conclusively that the plans for ‘Market Garden’ were not disclosed to the Germans beforehand by a Dutch traitor as was widely believed at one time.

Luck always plays a big part in war and it was pure chance, not foresight on the part of the Germans, which enabled the II SS Panzer Corps to intervene in the battle so quickly.

BOOK ISBN 9781781551264
FORMAT 234 x 156 mm
BINDING Paperback
PAGES 208 pages
PUBLICATION DATE 15 November 2012
ILLUSTRATIONS 40 black and white photographs



Cornelis Bauer relied on material from Colnoel Boeree to write this detailed account of the battle shown from the Dutch perspective.