Tirpitz: The Life and Death of Germany’s Last Great Battleship

Author(s): Daniel Knowles 

ISBN: 9781781556696
A comprehensive study of the construction and career of the last great German battleship: the mighty Tirpitz.
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  • An authoritative account of the battleship Tirpitz that offers a detailed analysis of attempts to neutralise the much-vaunted German battleship 

  • A captivating technical and narrative history that considers both German and Allied recollections and opinions of life at sea during wartime

  • Beautifully illustrated with many rare and unpublished photographs

  • A must-have for military enthusiasts, modellers and those interested in the complexities of naval warfare during the Second World War

  • Released simultaneously with the re-release of John Asmussen’s phenomenal Bismarck: Pride of the German Navy 

Referred to by Winston Churchill as ‘The Beast’, Tirpitz was Germany’s last great battleship and was one of the largest and heaviest warships ever constructed by a European navy.

Sister ship to the infamous Bismarck, Tirpitz was referred to as ‘The Lonely Queen of the North’, a floating fortress that was built to dominate the seas. Laid down in 1936 and commissioned in 1941, Tirpitz spent most of her operational life lurking amongst the fjords of Norway. Such was the threat posed to the sea lanes and the Allied war effort, and so obsessed were Churchill and the Admiralty with her destruction, that twenty-four operations, ranging from the foolhardy to the ridiculous, although all were brave, were undertaken against her.

It was in November 1944 that the Tirpitz was finally sunk, not by the Royal Navy, but by Avro Lancasters of RAF Bomber Command.

Using a variety of sources, Tirpitz: The Life and Death of Germany’s Last Great Battleship looks at the military and political situation in Nazi Germany, which led to its commissioning and analyses the demise of Hitler’s iconic naval powerhouse.

BOOK ISBN 9781781556696
FORMAT 248 x 172 mm
BINDING Hardback
PAGES 336 pages
ILLUSTRATIONS 97 black and white and 36 colour photographs



Born in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1995, Daniel Knowles has been interested in history from a young age. The main focus of his historical interest is the Second World War. In July 2016, he graduated with an Honours degree in History and Politics from the University of Northumbria. His university dissertation was written on the changing perceptions to the wartime role played by RAF Bomber Command.