Todger: Thomas Jones VC, DCM, 1st Battalion, The Cheshire Regiment

Author(s): Neil Thornton 

ISBN: 9781781557877
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The thrilling narrative of Thomas ‘Todger’ Jones VC, DCM, of the 1st Regiment, The Cheshire Regiment.
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  • An exciting and compelling narrative of the Cheshire Regiment legend: Todger Jones VC, DCM

  • One of the most remarkable Victoria Crosses ever awarded

  • Assiduously researched, rich in detail and lavishly illustrated

  • Recollections from those who knew him and previously unpublished photographs of his statue being sculpted

When presenting the Victoria Cross to Private Thomas ‘Todger’ Jones, a bemused King George V asked him, ‘How the dickens did you do it, Jones?’ It is little wonder the King felt obliged to ask the question.

On 25 September 1916 in a fit of rage, ‘Todger’ had gone over the top alone during the Battle of Morval on the Somme. He was last seen by his friends leaping into an enemy trench and it was assumed that he was dead. But, to the astonishment of his comrades, Todger returned with over 100 prisoners.

He had captured them single-handed. ‘Todger’ arrived in France with the Cheshire Regiment in January 1915. As a marksman, scout and skilled bomber, ‘Todger’ had many extraordinary encounters and in addition to his VC, also earned the DCM for a further act of remarkable gallantry.

This fast-paced, exciting and sometimes humorous narrative chronicles the remarkable life of this modest hero from the small Cheshire town of Runcorn. 

    BOOK ISBN 9781781557877
    FORMAT 234 x 156 mm
    BINDING Hardback with dust jacket
    PAGES 192 pages
    PUBLICATION DATE 21 January 2021
    TERRITORY UK and Worldwide
    ILLUSTRATIONS 65 black-and-white photographs


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    Neil Thornton (left) has produced articles on a diverse range of military history and through his extensive research has contributed to an array of military publications. He is an experienced speaker and regularly provides talks and workshops for schools, historical groups and the armed forces. The author also involves himself in a variety of military projects. His first book for Fonthill Media was the critically acclaimed Rorke’s Drift: A New Perspective (2016).