Transatlantic Liners 1950-1970

Author(s): William H. Miller 

ISBN: 9781781556931
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A nostalgic voyage, a fleet review, of the last great era of transatlantic liners in this detailed and evocatively illustrated book.
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  • A beautiful yet forgotten tale of a bygone era 

  • Superbly illustrated with many unpublished photographs

  • A complete reference with detailed and complete material on each ship

  • Written by ocean liner history’s biggest star 

Transatlantic Liners 1950-1970 is a glorious reference of a grand but bygone age – those passenger ships, large and small, that crossed the Atlantic.

There were the likes of the Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth, SS United States, Caronia, Andrea Doria, but also smaller, less memorable ships such as the Noordam, Parthia and Laurentia.

The ships, over 150 of them, are grouped by owner – from the short-lived American Banner Line to Israel’s Zim Lines. Each ship is given a full and comprehensive reference: details (routing, length, tonnage, builder, speed, passengers carried, etc.) as well as a full chronology of the vessel’s career, including its ultimate disposition and fate.

Overall, it is an extensive reference work on a glorious past and a revival of an all-star maritime cast.

BOOK ISBN 9781781556931
FORMAT 275 x 215 mm
BINDING Paperback
PAGES 128 pages
ILLUSTRATIONS 31 black-and-white and 185 colour photographs



Known as ‘Mr Ocean Liner,’ William H. Miller has written over 80 books about passenger ships. He has covered the liners large and small, in war and peace, and as collectibles and in post card form. Miller has also penned over 1000 articles about ships and sea travel. He has been a popular guest lecturer aboard such liners as the QE2, Queen Mary 2, Rotterdam & Crystal Serenity for over 30 years. Born in Hoboken, New Jersey, just across from the great liner piers of New York City, Miller has appeared in numerous TV documentaries, and news programs and himself has been the subject of a 60-min documentary called ‘Mr Ocean Liner’. Miller has been the recipient of numerous maritime awards.