Bomber Squadron: Men Who Flew with XV Squadron

Author(s): Martyn R. Ford-Jones 

ISBN: 9781781557082
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Based on personal interviews, Bomber Command aircrews who served with XV Squadron reveal the horrors of operations over Nazi Germany.
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  • Previously unpublished personal diaries reveal the day-to-day life of British aircrews during the Second World War, based on their personal diaries, which were written at the time 

  • Revisiting a revised look at a popular out of print publication with fresh material such as new characters and chapters 

  • Historically rich in detail with previously unpublished photographs of many of the characters involved 

  • A welcome return of an updated version of a book first published over thirty years

    During the Second World War, thousands of young men volunteered for service with the RAF. Some became fighter pilots, but a great many more were destined to be trained as bomber aircrew – pilots, navigators, wireless operators, bomb aimers, gunners and flight engineers. On completion of their training, a number of these recruits were posted to XV Squadron, a highly-regarded frontline bomber squadron, which had been formed during the First World War.

    Bomber Squadron: Men Who Flew with XV Squadron relates the personal stories of a small number of these men, giving an insight to their anxious moments when flying on operational sorties, staring death in the face in the form of prowling night-fighters and ground fire, and relaxing during their off-duty hours. The book also reveals the motivations, emotions and personal attitudes of these men who flew into combat on an almost nightly basis.

    Their stories encompass the whole six years of the war where XV Squadron flew various bomber types, including Fairey Battles, Bristol Blenheims, Vickers Wellingtons, Short Stirlings and Avro Lancasters.

    BOOK ISBN 9781781557082
    FORMAT 234 x 156 mm
    BINDING Hardback
    PAGES 272 pages
    PUBLICATION DATE 14 February 2019
    ILLUSTRATIONS 70 black-and-white photographs



    Martyn R. Ford-Jones is the acknowledged historian to No. XV Squadron, Royal Air Force, and to No. 622 Squadron, Royal Auxiliary Air Force. Because of his interest in the RAF, he has become an established author and researcher. Born and raised in London, Ford-Jones lives in Wiltshire with his wife Valerie, to whom he has been married for over fifty years. Ford-Jones’ main topics of interest, apart from the RAF and the Second World War, are reading, travelling, solving crosswords and Formula 1 motor racing.