Waterloo Casualties by Paul L. Dawson is published by Fonthill Media

Waterloo Casualties

Waterloo Casualties

A fresh and illuminating perspective on arguably the most famous battle of the nineteenth century

Waterloo Casualties


Waterloo Casualties

By Paul L. Dawson

Many have sought reasons why Napoleon lost the great battle at Waterloo, seen by many as the most famous conflict of the nineteenth century.

Waterloo Casualties presents the litany of failures by one of Napoleon's key subordinates, General Drouet d'Erlon, which ultimately led to defeat, and explores for the first time what really happened at Hougoumont, La Haye Sainte, and on the French right wing as the Prussians closed in. The actions between Papelotte and Frischermont were critical in the story of the battle, but have, so far, been seldom studied as no red-coated soldiers fought there. They come under scrutiny in Dawson's meticulous analysis.


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by Michael Dunnigan

I know Paul L. Dawson and this is on my list. The selection of books on Napoleon is impressive!