Napoleon in Defeat and Captivity 1815-1821

Author(s): Phil Carradice  

ISBN: 9781781554708
Copies: 250
The tragic tale of the defeated Napoleon from Waterloo until the end of his life.
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From defeat at Waterloo to abdication, capture, and exile, 1815–1821 was a period of devastating humiliation for one of history’s greatest generals and reformers. Napoleon’s voyages as a prisoner on board HMS Bellerophon and Northumberland to England and St Helena marked the beginning of his physical and mental deterioration, and this decline continued throughout his years on the island. These years were further marred by an enmity that developed between him and his warden, Sir Hudson Lowe. Towards the end of his life, Napoleon chose to withdraw from society on St Helena, although his friendship with local inhabitants such as the young Betsy Balcombe and her family provided some pleasurable relief.

Based on the first-hand accounts of the faithful followers who accompanied the Emperor to St Helena and of those whom he met there, Napoleon in Defeat and Captivity: 1815–1821 is a compelling and insightful portrayal of the man after the legend. 

BOOK ISBN 9781781554708
FORMAT 234 x 156 mm
BINDING Paperback
PAGES 160 pages
ILLUSTRATIONS 108 black-and-white illustrations



Phil Carradice is a poet, novelist and historian who has written over forty books, the most recent being A Pembrokeshire Childhood. Carradice broadcasts regularly on BBC radio/television and writes a weekly blog for BBC Wales History.