Hypatia: Mathematician, Philosopher, Myth

Author(s): Charlotte Booth 

ISBN: 9781781555460
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The true story behind the myths and legends surrounding Hypatia, the female philosopher of Alexandria.
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  • The life, rather than the death of Hypatia, is the focus of this biography making it different from others

  • A careful analysis of the myths surrounding Hypatia and where they originated

  • The original sources upon which the story of Hypatia is normally told are provided in full for the reader to assess

  • An accessible read that is rich in detail and historical

This biography of Hypatia, the female philosopher and mathematician in Christian Egypt, provides background on her work and her life as an elite woman at this time. There are many myths about Hypatia, including her research, inventions and the impact of her murder, all based on a handful of contemporary resources.

Through presenting the different theories and myths alongside the available evidence, Hypatia: Mathematician, Philosopher, Myth will enable the reader to make their own interpretations about her life. While the evidence does leave many questions unanswered, this fascinating volume provides the evidence as it stands, separating myth from reality. Hypatia is an interesting example of how multicultural Alexandria functioned at such an unstable political time and provides anecdotal evidence of the atrocities that occurred.

This book will appeal to historians, scholars, lay people and political and religious researchers, and will show that the history of Egypt does not end at Cleopatra.

BOOK ISBN 9781781555460
FORMAT 234 x 156 mm
BINDING Hardback
PAGES 192 pages
PUBLICATION DATE 15 February 2017
ILLUSTRATIONS 28 illustrations



Charlotte Booth has a BA and MA in Egyptian Archaeology and is currently working towards her PhD in Egyptology. She has written fourteen books and numerous articles about ancient Egypt, including The Ancient Egyptians for Dummies and two biographies: Tutankhamun: The Boy Behind the Mask and Horemheb: The Forgotten Pharaoh. Booth currently lives in Wiltshire with her partner, two cats and a gerbil.