Reportage from Ancient Greece and Rome

Author(s): Paul Chrystal 

ISBN: 9781781557181
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A history of Greece and Rome as seen through the perceptive eyes of ninety classical and modern ‘reporters’ spanning some 2,000 years from the development of the Greek alphabet to a dinner date with Attila the Hun in 450 CXE.
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  • The first comprehensive collect ion of reportage from ancient Greece and Rome

  • Features reports of significant events by eighty different classical authors from 130 various sources

  • Includes reportage from historians, philosophers, scientists and poets such as Herodotus, Thucydides, Xenophon, Socrates, Polybius, Julius Caesar, Cicero, Tacitus and Josephus

  • ‘Reportage may change its readers, may educate their sympathies, may extend – in both directions – their ideas about what it is to be a human being, may limit their capacity for the inhuman.’ John Carey, The Faber Book of Reportage 

A fascinating and truly unique survey of two of the world’s most significant and influential civilisations spanning some 2,000 years from the development of the Greek alphabet to the sack of Rome and a dinner date with Attila the Hun in 450 CE.

Some ninety Greeks and Romans have contributed to the book with reports culled from 130 separate works. In addition to literary sources – history, letters, poetry, drama, science, medicine and philosophy – Reportage from Ancient Greece and Rome also mines epigraphy, graffiti, archaeology and the visual arts to give as rounded a reportage as possible.

‘Modern’ contributions come from the Bamboo Annals, Shakespeare, Raleigh, Browning, Heine, Houseman, Orwell, the Ventris Papers and from the excavations at Pompeii, Vindolanda and the London Bloomberg site.

This is an ancient Greece and Rome version of the famous The Faber Book of Reportage, which was edited by John Carey.

BOOK ISBN 9781781557181
FORMAT 234 x 156 mm
BINDING Hardback
PAGES 256 pages
PUBLICATION DATE 12 December 2019
ILLUSTRATIONS 32 colour illustrations



Paul Chrystal is an author of more than twenty-five books and a broadcaster. Ten of his books are on York including A History of Chocolate in York(2012) and The Rowntree Family of York (2013). He writes articles for national newspapers and regularly appears on the BBC World Service and BBC Local Radio. He is married with three children and lives near York.