Mustang: Thoroughbred Stallion of the Air

Author(s): Steve Pace 

ISBN: 9781781550519
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This P/F-51 book will be rife with first-person accounts of the beloved Mustang in combat in two wars.
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This book covers the P/F-51Mustang and each of its many variants and spinoffs including the A-36 Apache, F-6 Photo Mustang, F-82 Twin Mustang and others. It discusses the Mustangs used by all US allies and friends in many foreign air forces. Also, it adds to the story of its creation through the wise choices made by the British government and its Royal Air Force, especially the transition from its original Alison V-12 to the wizard-like Rolls-Royce V- 12 called the Merlin.

The book will be profusely illustrated with high quality mono and colour images, many of which have not been published before, and features beautifully drawn profiles and numerous appendices. It also features numerous first-hand accounts of the Mustang in battle during World War 2, the Korean War and other conflicts. The Mustang was employed by more than 55 nations during its military lifetime and this book is a definitive work on this fabulous war horse.

BOOK ISBN 9781781550519
FORMAT 275 x 210 mm
BINDING Hardback
PAGES 288 pages
PUBLICATION DATE 15 October 2012
ILLUSTRATIONS 150 black-and-white and 50 colour photographs



Steve Pace is a published aviation history writer/historian and a former contributing editor to Wings and Airpower magazines. Pace has been writing on aviation history for more than 33 years and was a former employee of the Boeing Airplane Company who worked on the 707 and 737 production lines at Plant 3 in Renton, Washington, USA.

Steve Pace is now the contributing editor to Flight Journal magazine.